Solitary tree by KKarahan

Unsupported by the book publishing establishment, this expat publisher pushed her business idea aside for fifteen years.


Post image for The Global Niche muse: out of place and mistress of her domain

A whimsical pioneer woman peering out from her own personal compass is the muse for GlobalNiche‘s work-life initiative, embodying creative self enterprise for the global soul.

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Post image for Evolution of a global niche: or, how to use an identity crisis to your advantage

What comes after cultural disenfranchisement? After Expat Harem, the book? After expat+HAREM, the community site? A slideshow charting the evolution of a spin-off project,


Post image for Hybrid life reads: favorite expat-emigree-travel lit picks

Global citizens, find your context in the literature of identity adventurers and cultural explorers…with our expat-emigree-travel lit picks. Modern. Historical.

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Bather by A.Ashman

When an expat from America’s conservative “Bible Belt” moves to Europe she faces a liberal culture of nakedness.


© Miro Schaap

They say your shoes will eventually fit if you keep wearing them. This Japanese Third Culture Kid tried to live his life like that.


Post image for What’s a global niche? The short answer

When we discover our psychic peers and global community – fashioning a hybrid identity that honors the many worlds we belong to — we’ve found our global niche.


Post image for French ladies: how my sister and I stopped fighting by becoming foreign women

Two West Coasters overcome their sibling rivalry — in a town of hippies, yippies and Beatniks — by channeling Continental ladies of leisure.

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Post image for Disposable liaisons of the traveling class: the questionable cultural exports of sexpats and sex pilgrims

Hot-and-bothered globetrotters….which cultural product are sex tourists exporting?


Post image for Winged etiquette: do manners travel?

“Manners are your passport to the world” say the etiquette queens. Yet, are manners culture blind?