Roxelana by Anton Hickel

A British-born woman of mixed ethnicity is torn between loyalties to her country of birth and others her family is tied to.


Marmalade Moon by Kate England

Surrender to new serendipity with changes at the expat+HAREM site. A “Displaced Nation” for inveterate culture crossers. How citizen journalism brings us all closer.

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Post image for Flowering: when we put theory into practice

Playful travel buzzwords, the logistics of expat women, and a new global culture magazine in the style of Hemingway.

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Bather by A.Ashman

When an expat from America’s conservative “Bible Belt” moves to Europe she faces a liberal culture of nakedness.


Post image for Foreword by Elif Shafak

“The tales express the point of view of three-dimensional expatriates. The women of the Expat Harem are on the edge. They are in limbo.”

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Post image for 3 characteristics to lead a hybrid lifestyle: courage, creativity, buoyancy

We share a cosmopolitan urge, and the ability to be adventurous, courageous and empathetic. Yet, are we hybrids of choice or circumstance?


Post image for Frozen roots: immigrant community stuck in time

When a Turk raised in a conservative Brooklyn emigrant community studies in Istanbul she realizes progress comes from a community, not a location.


Post image for Your tribe is the new segregation: integration may not be an improvement

As we seek our global niche, we’re integrating across all sorts of out-moded boundaries. You could also say we’re segregating along the lines of our true selves.


Tradesmans Entrance by HSaffari

Speaking of class: having cleared other hurdles in your new society, are you still defined by the way you speak?