Post image for Expat Harem editors on Turkish Hour TV, New York

Talking about the creation of the Expat Harem anthology and meeting readers during our marathon 49-day 10-state American book tour.

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Wings by SKoehler

The neo-Nazi movement is strong in Prague and as a mixed breed Asian woman, my hugely tattooed shoulders give me some street cred.


Lady Gaga in Prague

Lady Gaga urged the Czech audience to get up and dance on the 21st anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. But totalitarianism lives on in Prague.


Post image for Istanbul: city+STREETS

city+STREETS: This fall sees public art and entertainment, local food markets and culinary walks, hotels and train stations coming to life in new ways, international design folk convening on the Old Galata bridge.

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Post image for Get creative about your place in the world: how to operate on a micro-yet-global level with a global niche

Suspended between multiple worlds — challenged in your pursuits and interests by culture, geography, language or time zone? Welcome to the GlobalNiche club, where our situation mismatch is our secret weapon.

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Post image for Disposable liaisons of the traveling class: the questionable cultural exports of sexpats and sex pilgrims

Hot-and-bothered globetrotters….which cultural product are sex tourists exporting?


Orchid by A.Ashman

What comes first, the hybrid self or the hybrid life? Are our most resonant peers made or born?


Post image for Lowlights of an expat experience: bluest adventures captured on film

Some people believe a photo steals the soul. What about a photo that captures a soul death?


Marmalade Moon by Kate England

Surrender to new serendipity with changes at the expat+HAREM site. A “Displaced Nation” for inveterate culture crossers. How citizen journalism brings us all closer.

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Post image for Book club study guide: Tales from the Expat Harem

The title of the book is purposefully anachronistic and titillating. What was your initial response to it? Have the tales made you consider trying a life in a foreign culture?

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