Expatriatism is often a life apart. So how does a writer abroad get up to speed and compete in her home market?


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Highlights from Anastasia Ashman’s interviews, profiles, articles. Turkey’s bond with expatriate women, global nomads. Success for the world citizen.

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Expatriate literature may be stocked in the travel-memoir-classics section, but does it deserve a shelf of its own? Highlights from a week of Twitter #litchat about the unique depths of outsider cultural views from the inside


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What comes after cultural disenfranchisement? After Expat Harem, the book? After expat+HAREM, the community site? A slideshow charting the evolution of a spin-off project, GlobalNicheGlobalniche.net


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Check out the identity quests and cultural exploration of our guest bloggers. Where they’re from. Where they’ve been. Where they’re headed now.

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Feel like a fish out of water, surrounded by the ‘wrong’ culture?
Juggling all your different worlds, family, friends, work, countries, languages, timezones?
Disadvantaged by where you are, out of touch with important things happening elsewhere?
Losing ground in your profession or education?
Trouble keeping favorite parts of yourself a daily presence?
Invisible and wish the world would notice you?
Stuck and yearn to reinvent yourself?

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When we discover our psychic peers and global community – fashioning a hybrid identity that honors the many worlds we belong to — we’ve found our global niche.


Post image for Get creative about your place in the world: how to operate on a micro-yet-global level with a global niche

Suspended between multiple worlds — challenged in your pursuits and interests by culture, geography, language or time zone? Welcome to the GlobalNiche club, where our situation mismatch is our secret weapon.

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St Brendan the Navigator jigsaw by Rachel Arbuckle

What do you miss most about your home country? The solid reality of family and places — or an atmosphere long since vanished?