Post image for What you leave behind to live more fully: attachment, impatience, expectations

I had to leave behind a feeling of security, of what I should have, the house and the husband and the car and the 2.5 kids.


Post image for Thanksgiving with Mary Jane: spirit of the season(ing)

When you’re a teenager there are a million places you’d rather be than at a family gathering. However when I was fifteen, Thanksgiving with my relatives was the best turkey day I’ve ever celebrated. My anti-establishment father put marijuana in the stuffing. What’s your countercultural recipe for family harmony?


Post image for Debating what-not-to-do in Istanbul

After seven years in this heavily visited megalopolis, I even the score on what not to do in Istanbul. Among the surprises: don’t drink the tea.


St Brendan the Navigator jigsaw by Rachel Arbuckle

What do you miss most about your home country? The solid reality of family and places — or an atmosphere long since vanished?


Post image for Links of interest: networked reality, the global zeitgeist, and a gathering of cultural chameleons

Families in global transition get together. Now that our digital and physical worlds have meshed, how do we evolve? The problem of nailing universality when you’re too damn exotic.

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Post image for Mapping your complex world

Try mapping the relationships of your personal and professional influences and communities to see where your hybrid power lies. Here’s what GlobalNiche’s Venn diagram looks like, at the intersection of content, culture, and identity.

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Missent to Bangkok by A.Ashman

Loving to communicate is not the same thing as communicating well. Nor does it mean that communication comes easily.


winter by CS Bayar

Make stylish clothing for the Gypsy jet set, or feed the soul? A fashion designer redesigns herself with the help of a life coach.


Post image for Does expat lit deserve its own shelf?

Expatriate literature may be stocked in the travel-memoir-classics section, but does it deserve a shelf of its own? Highlights from a week of Twitter #litchat about the unique depths of outsider cultural views from the inside