St Brendan the Navigator jigsaw by Rachel Arbuckle

What do you miss most about your home country? The solid reality of family and places — or an atmosphere long since vanished?


Post image for e+H offers: operating independently, improving your game

Global citizens are by definition creative. Freedom, time and money are the three things a creative person needs to be happy, but we often only manage two.

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Post image for Flaming East: how do you share uncensored awe about a place?

Inspired by history but not tethered to it, my Flaming East concept embraced the wonder of the region’s watery crossroads, from the Renaissance’s Age of Discovery to the steamer trunks-and-servants Golden Age of Travel. But does exploring the past mean flaming the east?


Crossroads by H. Saffari

“Iranian by birth, French by citizenship and American by residence” is how my grandfather encapsulated 10-year old me. What does that make my daughter?


Post image for Shophouse talk: architecture as a reflection of a place, its history and people

Penang’s shophouses embodied the equatorial island’s melange of cultures and its exotic mercantile history. How does architecture influence your understanding of a place, its people and history?


Post image for Media + Reception: the worldwide coverage of Expat Harem anthology

Since 2005 the Expat Harem anthology editors and contributors have been featured by more than 200 mainstream and independent media sources across the globe in news, travel, literature and culture.

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Post image for Kate England finds her global niche

A digital desktop and icon designer shares how she draws on her multidisciplinary interests and mixed cultural background to serve a global clientele. A Turquoise Poppy interview.


Uzbek rings of folkdancers by CS Bayar

Easy answers to complex cultural questions can’t prepare an American for her submersive role as member of a Kurdish tribe by marriage.


Missent to Bangkok by A.Ashman

Loving to communicate is not the same thing as communicating well. Nor does it mean that communication comes easily.


meatpacking party invite circa 1987 by Todd Worley

When birth year alone means a Baby Boomer would always occupy an entry-level position in her cultural generation, GenY brings the status quo rebellion she seeks.