meatpacking party invite circa 1987 by Todd Worley

When birth year alone means a Baby Boomer would always occupy an entry-level position in her cultural generation, GenY brings the status quo rebellion she seeks.


Wings by SKoehler

The neo-Nazi movement is strong in Prague and as a mixed breed Asian woman, my hugely tattooed shoulders give me some street cred.


Post image for Creative self-enterprise: life is a work in progress

The quest to achieve our best situation (both micro and macro, that’s our global niche!) — as the creative entrepreneurship of self. Suggestions from career renegades, zen habitues, and life hackers.


personal compass by A.Ashman

By putting some distance between me and my center of gravity, I have room to be in a wider orbit around the inner me.


Post image for Media + Reception: the worldwide coverage of Expat Harem anthology

Since 2005 the Expat Harem anthology editors and contributors have been featured by more than 200 mainstream and independent media sources across the globe in news, travel, literature and culture.

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Post image for Links of interest: wanderlistas and meanderthals in nomadtopia

Looking at the latest labels for who we are, what we do and how we live.

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packing for the Grand Tour

If each tiny, agile step forward is a step away from something else — guaranteed not to be there forever, trustily waiting for our return– we need to consider with extra care where we’re headed and when we choose to go.


Post image for Expat women confessions: I paint in the nude

An erotica artist shares her expat coping mechanism and asks if we’ve made passionate existence the heart of our life abroad. Review of Expat Women Confessions, the new book from


Zuzu Kahlo by S.Koehler

Border disputes never made sense to me. Living all over the world gave me a free floating perception of the world.


Post image for Evolution of a global niche: or, how to use an identity crisis to your advantage

What comes after cultural disenfranchisement? After Expat Harem, the book? After expat+HAREM, the community site? A slideshow charting the evolution of a spin-off project,