Frau Chantal by Brian Opyd

I moved to Switzerland so my husband could advance his career. Overnight, I went from a 28-year-old American career woman to a Swiss Hausfrau.


Wings by SKoehler

The neo-Nazi movement is strong in Prague and as a mixed breed Asian woman, my hugely tattooed shoulders give me some street cred.


Post image for Identity messages: about expat+HAREM’s founder

expat+HAREM, the global niche synthesizes numerous strands of my life’s work, experience and interests. The goal of this online community is to help 21st century global citizens achieve psychic location independence and connection to the many worlds you love to belong to.

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Post image for What expat bloggers are made of

Expat bloggers flourish when we face a fresh appreciation for who we are, where we come from — and what we’re made of.


Post image for e+H offers: operating independently, improving your game

Global citizens are by definition creative. Freedom, time and money are the three things a creative person needs to be happy, but we often only manage two.

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Green squiggly snake by Ailin

An American in China discovers her new expat persona — lyrical, and feisty — offers the freedom to redefine who she is and what she wants to be.


Post image for French ladies: how my sister and I stopped fighting by becoming foreign women

Two West Coasters overcome their sibling rivalry — in a town of hippies, yippies and Beatniks — by channeling Continental ladies of leisure.

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Post image for Hybrid life reads: favorite expat-emigree-travel lit picks

Global citizens, find your context in the literature of identity adventurers and cultural explorers…with our expat-emigree-travel lit picks. Modern. Historical.

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Post image for Who owns polish, and is accessibility superficial?

Who owns polish? Growing up in a countercultural town, the presentation of Madison Avenue and Hollywood seemed like subversive tools of the establishment.