Expatriatism is often a life apart. So how does a writer abroad get up to speed and compete in her home market?


Post image for Expat Harem editors on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer

When America’s most popular morning talk show came to Istanbul, they asked Expat Harem to explain Turkey to five million Americans.

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Post image for Hybrid Ambassadors: talking about polarization, stereotype, and whitewash

Nine cultural innovators taking on the issue of readership and race, xenoconfusion, “the whitewashing of our differences”, and the risks of committing strong opinion to a digital footprint.


Post image for In the face of history: some ancients wait for us to discover them

In hometown London, history’s in your face. For Joe Clarke, moving to Anatolia has been an escape to something quite new: more patient ancient history.


Post image for 3 characteristics to lead a hybrid lifestyle: courage, creativity, buoyancy

We share a cosmopolitan urge, and the ability to be adventurous, courageous and empathetic. Yet, are we hybrids of choice or circumstance?


Post image for Is GlobalNiche for me?

Feel like a fish out of water, surrounded by the ‘wrong’ culture?
Juggling all your different worlds, family, friends, work, countries, languages, timezones?
Disadvantaged by where you are, out of touch with important things happening elsewhere?
Losing ground in your profession or education?
Trouble keeping favorite parts of yourself a daily presence?
Invisible and wish the world would notice you?
Stuck and yearn to reinvent yourself?

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Post image for Writing to save your life: defining moments become your story

When a stamp in her passport reads “Wife not permitted to work”, writing saves the sanity and career of a serial expat


Jo Parfitt and her training ground

These seven life-writing don’ts can be a waste of time and talent, and often destroy a good expat writer’s confidence.


Post image for Custom creative: the making of an authentic indie life

To live authentically individual lives we need to embrace the parts of ourselves that don’t fit anywhere. Web tools, techniques and technology for cultural creatives and mobile progressives.

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Post image for Gender bending with James Chartrand

James Chartrand is head of the web design and copywriting outfit Men With Pens — and he’s a woman.