Marmalade Moon by Kate England

Surrender to new serendipity with changes at the expat+HAREM site. A “Displaced Nation” for inveterate culture crossers. How citizen journalism brings us all closer.

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Post image for Great White People Book Club: stumbling on our false cosmopolitanism

Global thinkers must navigate and find a way to bridge worlds that might make only a sinister kind of sense.


Post image for About this site: making the psychic limbo of global citizens a productive state

Why do you need our help? Because liminal life is a bittersweet limbo — coming, going, never quite arriving. expat+HAREM embraces the unmoored and central reality of our globetrotting, multicultural, hybrid times.

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Post image for Outsiders in the revolution: is there a rubber bullet with our name on it?

As foreigners in foreign lands, when is their fight our fight?


Post image for Reading travelers: find your historical context

Cultural wisdom historically pools at the intersection of women and travel


Gallipolli on the Dardanelles Strait by CWYigit

An Irishwoman weighs the dream of life versus the reality, versus the dream of making it happen nonetheless.


meatpacking party invite circa 1987 by Todd Worley

When birth year alone means a Baby Boomer would always occupy an entry-level position in her cultural generation, GenY brings the status quo rebellion she seeks.


Post image for Thanksgiving with Mary Jane: spirit of the season(ing)

When you’re a teenager there are a million places you’d rather be than at a family gathering. However when I was fifteen, Thanksgiving with my relatives was the best turkey day I’ve ever celebrated. My anti-establishment father put marijuana in the stuffing. What’s your countercultural recipe for family harmony?


Memorial by CYigit

When you live a global life, how do you cope with death-at-a-distance?


Traffic at Zocalo, Mexico City by VGuneyli

Sometimes this expat has felt like a duplicitous sell-out for socializing with people she normally would not.