Post image for Creative self-enterprise: life is a work in progress

The quest to achieve our best situation (both micro and macro, that’s our global niche!) — as the creative entrepreneurship of self. Suggestions from career renegades, zen habitues, and life hackers.


Post image for Flaming East: how do you share uncensored awe about a place?

Inspired by history but not tethered to it, my Flaming East concept embraced the wonder of the region’s watery crossroads, from the Renaissance’s Age of Discovery to the steamer trunks-and-servants Golden Age of Travel. But does exploring the past mean flaming the east?


Bather by A.Ashman

When an expat from America’s conservative “Bible Belt” moves to Europe she faces a liberal culture of nakedness.


Post image for Istanbul: city+INTELLIGENCE

We round up a few of the best sources of local intelligence on the Istanbul scene. Recommend this list to anyone visiting — any time — to tap into what the local lifestylers are up to.

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Wavering flag by V.Guneyli

What are the cultural tolerance signs in your neighborhood and what change do they point to?


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A selection of intimate and long-range views from outside and within this ‘hinge’ city. Historical perspectives. Up-to-the-minute impressions.

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From the grimy waterfronts of the Golden Horn to the polished perspectives of Turkish television drama, Istanbul reveals unexpected dimension.

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Memorial by CYigit

When you live a global life, how do you cope with death-at-a-distance?


Post image for Disposable liaisons of the traveling class: the questionable cultural exports of sexpats and sex pilgrims

Hot-and-bothered globetrotters….which cultural product are sex tourists exporting?


Post image for Get creative about your place in the world: how to operate on a micro-yet-global level with a global niche

Suspended between multiple worlds — challenged in your pursuits and interests by culture, geography, language or time zone? Welcome to the GlobalNiche club, where our situation mismatch is our secret weapon.

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