Post image for Stepping onto a larger stage: how to actualize your worldview

expat+HAREM loves to consider how our mindset changes our place in the world. Talking with wise living coach Tara Sophia Mohr about actualizing our larger worldview.


personal compass by AAshman

To become the global citizens we truly are, we need to find our place in the world — a psychic solution to our global identity crisis. We call it psychic location independence.

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Post image for Essentials to living an expansive life: what we hold on to

Remaining fluent, despite language barriers. Remembering the strength we’ve shown. Freedom to live on our own terms. The ability to integrate other cultures.

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Post image for Links of interest: genotype detectives, cultural creatives and expats in Hollywood

An expat story heads to Hollywood. Cultural creatives worldwide tie their stories together in a new film. Travel back in time/around the globe, with films of bygone eras.


Post image for Shophouse talk: architecture as a reflection of a place, its history and people

Penang’s shophouses embodied the equatorial island’s melange of cultures and its exotic mercantile history. How does architecture influence your understanding of a place, its people and history?


Post image for The new global laborers: when economics fuels a middle class migration

How can it be more economically viable to stay abroad than move back to our passport country, asks an American global nomad in Europe.


Post image for She said, she said: quotables of expat+HAREM’s founder

Highlights from Anastasia Ashman’s interviews, profiles, articles. Turkey’s bond with expatriate women, global nomads. Success for the world citizen.

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Wings by SKoehler

The neo-Nazi movement is strong in Prague and as a mixed breed Asian woman, my hugely tattooed shoulders give me some street cred.


Post image for Virtual reality: meshing our networked lives

Chatting with an Internet media theorist and online psychotherapist whose interests include ‘mixed reality’, globalization and cultural theory.


Post image for Mapping your complex world

Try mapping the relationships of your personal and professional influences and communities to see where your hybrid power lies. Here’s what GlobalNiche’s Venn diagram looks like, at the intersection of content, culture, and identity.

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