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One in five of us move abroad for love. I began dating my husband online ten years ago but didn’t think my long-distance relationship would last. Today we’re building a family together in Germany, and now I paint in the nude.

Or, I paint a nude.

As an erotica artist, it’s a coping mechanism for the constant change the expat lifestyle brings — and a way to fuel my artistic passions. I’m emboldened to share this with you due to a new book of expat women confessions.

This winter I was depressed, lonely and confused after 60 days in a hotel room with three children while hunting for a German apartment. Then I read the Spring release Expat Women Confessions: 50 Answers to your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad by the the people at ExpatWomen.com.

Painting in the nude* wasn’t in there. Instead, I found plenty of other sound advice to the most intimate of questions along the entire expatriate journey.

This therapy-session of a guidebook helped me find my context and refocus. I saw the chaos was only a transition and not a way of life. I look around my fabulous apartment and see I’m living the life I dreamed of, an artist and writer working in a wonderful European city. Since  reviewing the motivational Confessions I’ve been buzzing with enthusiasm to finish several projects due to publishers this year.

* I’d like to add my nude painting confession to the mix if you’re looking for expat coping mechanisms. When you brushstroke to exhaust emotion, whether or not it’s clear to you, hidden within colors and textures and the moment, ideas brew.

The fear of a blank canvas versus the final product allows for growth through self-acceptance and discovery.

I suspect that inspiring and sustaining eroticism plays a similar role in life abroad as it does in a love relationship. If our relationships and environments don’t contain passionate elements to stimulate our inner expression we’ll whither away like an unwatered plant.

Have you made a passionate existence the heart of your expatriatism?

As an artist, author and photographer, Tatiana von Tauber’s bold yet sensual art, social critiques, fiction and photography have been published and exhibited internationally. Eroticism as her guide, von Tauber’s mission is to help women increase their self-worth through the power of the arts.

Download a free sample of Expat Women Confessions.

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