Links of interest: awkward traveling, poised interculturalists, native people, and hopping places


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The more time we devote to following our interests online it seems the more relevance we find. The problem: how can we ever share all the fabulousness?! The solution: rounding up zillions of links resonant to our community that cross my screen.

By the way, these are the kind of things I share *daily* on my Twitter feed — if you want to see more follow me or get the feed sent directly to your feed reader.

  • At China Expat, Carolyn Vines, the author of Black and (A)broad: traveling beyond the limitations of identity,¬†considers the changes in a woman’s identity after an international relocation. Moving away from our cultural context, she writes, we learn to see ourselves with different eyes.
  • If you grew up in the Americas you grew up with Native American history of some kind and at the very least, reflected in place names. Facebook hosts a massive collection of antique photos of Native Americans, organized by tribe, including ethnographic and commercial images as well as family portraits.
  • Diane Caldwell, an original contributor to the Expat Harem anthology, once ate Jack Kerouac’s peanut butter. On her new blog the free spirit writes a requiem for Asmalimescit, Istanbul’s hoppingest back alley.

Comment below on any of the above, we’re on the same page now…
Anastasia Ashman is a California-born writer/producer of neoculture entertainment based in Istanbul. This series covers what’s crossing the mind and desk of expat+HAREM’s founder.

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  • Catherine Bayar

    Brilliant list, and so relevant that I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of these posts (and entire blogs!) all weekend. You do indeed round up ‘zillions’ of amazing links…my challenge is finding time to enjoy them all, AND still get my own work done! Of course, the more I read, the more what I’m currently working on morphs and grows. Community enhanced…I love how we can visit so many other worlds to enrich our own.

    • Anastasia

      I know Catherine, what a dilemma!! :-)

      I think you’re right, the more resonant, relevant input we are able to incorporate into our consciousness, the more we approaching a point of convergence in the work we do. Converging on what it is we do best, why and for whom. Rather than feeling like “everything’s already been said or done”, these kind of leads are votes of confidence and equip me in differentiating what I have to offer.

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