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In an interconnected blog-ring, nine of our cultural innovators react to a polarizing book promotion calling for White ambassadors at the international writing network SheWrites — taking on the issue of readership and race, xenoconfusion, “the whitewashing of our differences”, and the risks of committing strong opinion to a digital footprint.

    Check out each post and catch up with us on Twitter using #HybridAmbassadors and add your voice to comments like these: 

  • “it takes guts to empathize with people of different heritage” (Catherine Bayar)
  • an eye toward middle ground makes us “catalysts and alchemists rather than victims and bullies” (Rose Deniz)
  • we are all hybrids, of life and circumstance, of beliefs and ancestry” (Sezin Koehler)
  • “I hope that in all things I am judged on merit, not who I know or what I look like, but how well I use my gifts.” (Tara Lutman Ağaçayak)

Sezin Koehler ~ Whites Only?
Rose Deniz ~ Voice Lessons from a Hybrid Ambassador
Catherine Yiğit ~ Special-ism
Tara Lutman Ağaçayak ~ Circles
Catherine Bayar ~ Thicker Skin
Judith van Praag ~ We Write History Today
Anastasia Ashman ~ Great White People Book Club
Elmira Bayraslı ~ The Color of Writing
Jocelyn Eikenburg ~ The Problem with ‘Chinese Food’

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Welcome to this series of dynamic, real-time conversations on art, culture, and hybrid identity: DIALOGUE2010/Hybrid ambassadors. Fresh opportunities for neoculturalists to bring our discussions into the moment and new dimension. Twitter chats and podcast roundtables.

We begin with a two-part audio project designed and curated by artist and writer Rose Deniz on topics both crucial to Istanbul and resonant in the global community:

  • one-hour discussions
  • ten multi-national cultural innovators
personal compass by A.Ashman

creating a personal compass

2010 roundtable — see highlights here and here

Rose Deniz facilitated a live-recorded conversation spurred by her “Mapping the Imagination” expat+HAREM post, how one’s worldview literally shifts as a result of location.

Hybrid life requires us to abandon the map in order to live more fully.

To follow the participants and join in the on-going conversation through Twitter, use this hashtag to answer Rose Deniz’s questions:

+How has your worldview shifted as a result of location?

+Have you had to abandon your map to live a hybrid life? See answers here.

+What have you had to leave behind in order to live more fully? See answers here.

+Alternatively, what have you held onto in order to live an expansive life and retain your own identity? See answers here.

+Describe 3 characteristics you think one needs to live a hybrid lifestyle? See answers here.

+How would you define a hybrid lifestyle? See answers here.

SPRING PODCAST: We’ve posted the live-recording here. Feel free to jump into the mix – by writing your own blog post and posting the link at Facebook, leaving a blurb at the Squidoo page or joining us on Twitter using “#Dialogue2010”! Come with as many questions as you have answers. See highlights of the discussion here and here.

Perched at the crossroads, they’ll help untangle the riddles of living with blurry boundaries, and share their inspirations for balancing multifaceted, contemporary lives.

+Tara Lutman Ağaçayak is a creative entrepreneur and professional blogger who believes that people can change the world by doing what they love.

+Karen Armstrong Quartarone is a life design coach in Italy who empowers women to consciously create lives they love.

+Anastasia Ashman is a writer/producer of cultural entertainment and the founder of expat+HAREM, the global niche.

+California native Catherine Salter Bayar creates knitwear, seeks textile treasure, lives near the splendid ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, and writes about it all in her upcoming book, Weaving Our Way Home.

+By day, Elmira Bayraslı takes care of press in New York for a global non-profit that supports entrepreneurs. By night, she’s a writer and a yogi.

+American artist and writer Rose Deniz is founder of Art is Dialogue, explores the intersection of art and domesticity on her blog Love, Rose and is writing her first novel.

+Jocelyn Eikenburg is the writer and Chinese translator behind Speaking of China.

+Adult Third Culture Kid Sezin Koehler lives in and writes from Prague, Czech Republic.

+DutchessAbroad Judith van Praag, a true Arts Dependent, writes from the Pacific Northwest where she creates portraits and landscapes in words and color.

+Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Catherine Yığıt is a writer and mother now living near Çanakkale in northwestern Turkey.

Dialogue2010 and Hybrid ambassadors are projects of Art is Dialogue, Rose Deniz’s series of real-time conversations hosted online on curated topics where art is in the exchange of ideas.

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