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digital nomad since 1995

expat+HAREM, the global niche synthesizes numerous strands of my life’s work, experience and interests. The goal of this online community is to help 21st century global citizens achieve psychic location independence and connection to the many worlds you love to belong to.




Expat Harem editors featured by Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show 2008

We want your voice in the mix.

MORE ABOUT expat+HAREM, the global niche:

talked to 5 million Americans on "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" 2008

Expat Harem anthology launched by CNN-TURK owner Arzuhan Yalçındağ 2005


How did I get here? A life adds up…

COUNTERCULTURE+CLASSICS+POP-CULTURE: My kaleidescopic productions capitalize on a countercultural upbringing in Berkeley, California, thirteen years of expatriatism (Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul) and a decade in mainstream/pop-culture American media and entertainment (NYC, LA). Plus, a liberal arts education and Bryn Mawr degree in classical archaeology! See images related to this evolution.

produced Near East's 1st Global Nomad Salon 2008

WOMEN+CULTURE+TRAVEL+HISTORY: My multimedia entertainment projects often focus on women, culture, travel — and history. I like to illuminate PERSONAL DYNAMICS, from one family to entire hemispheres.  I hope to put into context how IDENTITY is formed through culture, and lives in our cultural thoughts and actions.

GLOBAL SALONISTA: In Istanbul, where I’ve lived with my Turkish husband since 2003, I am the producer of the Near East’s 1st Global Nomad Salon in association with Janera Soerel of The Economist calls this worldwide series of intellectual dinner parties “jetsetters with a conscience.” See images related to this project.

Istanbul walking tours for National Geographic Traveler 2007

In 2009 I became a founding member of TEDGlobal, the international conference of “ideas worth spreading” in Oxford, UK. (See images and TEDGlobal2010.) I’m on the advisory board of Turkish Women’s International Network, a community of Turkophile professionals revolving around the TED-like talks its members give. I was a speaker in 2011. (See images.)

on satellite TV6 "Crossroads"

on satellite television 'Crossroads' 2009

ART+CULTURE+SOCIETY WRITING has appeared worldwide including Asian Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, National Geographic Traveler and Cornucopia, the magazine for connoisseurs of Turkish culture. See images of my writing assignments and publications.

UPCOMING MEMOIR: A forensic tale of friendship between two women writers spanning 25 years — this life and the afterlife. Agented by Yfat Reiss Gendell at Foundry Literary + Media in New York. See images related to this project.

produced event for Turkish novelist Elif Shafak 2006

ENHANCED EBOOKS: In development, based on the screen adaptation of my Expat Harem wedding tale “Like An Ottoman Princess” about bridging my radical West Coast family and traditional Near East in-laws at a palatial Istanbul wedding. Imagine “Meet the Parents” colliding with a grittier “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”! See images related to this project.

connecting at TEDGlobal with global entrepreneurs Sunny Bates and Bill Liao 2010

PODCASTS in development, to complement other story delivery methods for the soap opera life story of a 6th century Byzantine princess who spurred an emperor to create an architectural wonder of the world. See images related to this project.

GRAPHIC NOVEL FOR iPHONE/iPAD based on an action-comedy screenplay. With the story’s author Jennifer Lawler, I cowrote the script about star-crossed lovers who also happen to be mercenaries — and 17th century English scholars. Think the good-humored violence of RED with a younger ensemble. [<– Illustrator wanted] See images related to this project.

with O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly and his head of research Roger Magoulas 2011

contributed to inspiring video series for 21st century women 2010

named in top 20 women-on-Twitter for entrepreneurs 2010

SOCIAL MEDIA PROPONENT+DIGITAL WORLD CITIZEN: On my top-10 Istanbul Twitter feed I share resources for readers and writers, cultural creatives and forward thinkers of all kinds, global nomads and thoughtful travelers.  I’m cofounder of a group for creative entrepreneurs in social media, and a member of the private neo-Internet marketing group Third Tribe. The changes in technology and evolution of the publishing world make writers into producers, directors and engineers of content while offering far-flung people the best chance they’ve ever had to level the playing field.

with founder of Turkish Women's International Network Melek Pulatkonak and my fellow speakers 2011

CURRENT THINKING/HIGHLIGHTS: My latest thoughts are collected in the FOUNDER’S DESK series, as well as in the monthly expat+HAREM newsletterHere’s a short cut to notable quotes about Turkey, expatriatism, global nomadism, digital citizenry, cultural psychology, hybrid identity, and other issues close to my heart…


She’sNext interview: Here I’m talking about how multifaceted, 21st century women can find their global niche.

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